Is Trump morally bankrupt to “let Obamacare fail”?

Is President Donald Trump morally bankrupt to “let Obamacare fail”?

President Trump’s plan to “let Obamacare fail” will cause foreseeable harm. The common law form for murder includes the unlawful killing, through criminal act or omission, of a human, by another human with malice of forethought. The technical application fails, but it’s ugly. Causing people to die by letting Obamacare fail does not attach to a specific criminal omission but to foreseeable harm an immoral omission Trump a human and those who would let die are human, this omission has malice of forethought not directed at a particular person who might die but at a foreseeable class of individuals who perhaps would die from Trump’s lack of care. Even if Trump is aiming at the representatives, who could not create a fiscally and socially responsible enhancement to Obamacare, Trump’s foreseeable careless, reckless harm is Trump’s solution to healthcare.