Coherence is a style of understanding.
Coherence is first because understanding matters.
Coherence isn’t a theory of truth.
Truth does not amount to coherence.
Truth is coherent to those listening.
My aim is to graduate from technical writing to freelance writing rediscovering the journalism I love and the fiction I wish I could write. Construction and Surety technical writing narratives range from simple to complex. If you have technical drafting needs or translation from complex to clear, contact me.


Ralph J. Argen, III
I’m The Managing Partner of Coherence First, LLC.

Construction/Surety consulting gives me technical narratives to draft and edit.  Teaching college Philosophy and Ethics gives me curious students and topics to address as a Freelance Writer. I hold a BS in Geology, an MS in interdisciplinary studies, an MA philosophy, a JD (Juris Doctorate), and a Ph.D. in philosophy.

I selected oil and gas drilling locations as an exploration geologist, completed broken construction projects as a project manager, compose legal and business solutions as general counsel, draft, track, and create solutions as a senior construction surety consultant. Each career role added vocabulary, expanded language for narratives making me a technical writer. And I cultivate this experience for as a Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, College Planning coach, and Freelance Academic Writer. How do we create coherent paths to graduate from college debt free?