Ralph J. Argen, III
I’m The Managing Partner of Coherence First, LLC.

Construction/Surety consulting gives me technical narratives to draft and edit.  Teaching college Philosophy and Ethics gives me curious students and topics to address as a Freelance Academic Writer and college planning coach.

I hold a BS in Geology, an MS in interdisciplinary studies, an MA philosophy, a JD (Juris Doctorate), and a Ph.D. in philosophy.

I selected oil and gas drilling locations as an exploration geologist, completed broken construction projects as a project manager, compose legal and business solutions as general counsel, draft, track, and create solutions as a senior construction surety consultant. Each career role added vocabulary, expanded language for narratives making me a technical writer. And I cultivate this experience for as a Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, College Planning coach, and Freelance Academic Writer. How do we create coherent paths to graduate from college debt free?

Technical Writer to Freelance Writer
Construction and Surety technical writing narratives range from simple to complex. If you have technical drafting needs or translation from complex to clear contact me.

Freelance Academic Writer
As a Freelance Academic Writer, I’m always looking for more work, coaching students;  technical reports;  political, economic commentary, and narratives that inspire. Together both motivate me as a Freelance Academic Writer. One focus is College Funding. High school students should graduate from college debt free. Students ought to believe they can change the world and should act as if they will. In Philosophy and Ethics, students rediscover language. A new vocabulary is a new reality. As a Freelance Academic Writer, I’m always looking for more work, coaching students;  technical reports;  political, economic commentary, and narratives that inspire.

College Planning and Funding
High school, the initial step to making a life to love. Coherence First college planning High school students should graduate from college debt free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I do college planning without you?
    Sure, I do not do the work. Each student gets to college her way and I provides guidance tools tips and tricks and no guarantees.

2. Why don’t you provide guarantees?
It is nutty to believe I can control a college financial aid committees funding decisions. I cannot and do not provide or guarantee scholarships even though many of my students have earned full scholarships. It’s misleading to claim an ability to direct university funding. Colleges control athletic, merit, and need-based funding.

3. If you do not provide scholarships what do you do?
Universities know students and parents want scholarships. How do I prepare students to be the one offered a scholarship before she can ask? There is no one way. GPA, SAT scores, and extracurricular activities are evident elements of college planning, what a student is present to creates something unique. We develop a dream, a life’s work we know will not be attractive to every university.  Every college funding year is as different as the selection committees.  So every year is different, and there are no guarantees. There is hard work. If you want my help, contact me.

3. What does technical writing and freelance writing mean?
From Geomorphology and oil and gas exploration to philosophy and logic scholarship to construction project management to the woven snares of construction and construction law making the ____ fabric of surety problem solving I expanded my vocabulary, syntax, and grammar to make long sentences with correct punctuation. Using short sentences for rhythm. Tight sentences to make a point. And I continue to discover new ways to paint narratives for solutions. Technical writing is a foundation for a variety of freelance writing. I love short sorties and journalism, and that’s what I’m pursuing.

Writing for the love of it.

Writing for the struggle of it.

College Planning for graduating debt-free.

Graduating debt-free starts your American dream

Nicholas Cinelli
Currently, I’m a member Coherence First, LLC partnership and a financial advisor and independent licensed insurance agent for more than 20 years.

A few years ago I started to witness more and more of my clients panic, with college-bound high school students, because they realized that they had not saved enough for college and time had run out especially those having juniors and seniors.

I knew there had to be a way to help make up for the fact that they saved little and were out of time.

After much research, I found a system that has helped more than 20,000+ high school students get to the best colleges with the least out of pocket costs or loans and best of all leaving the family retirement assets alone. Part of our success is access to a database that compares college offers. Coupled with public information and our experience we seek to get students paid to graduate from college.